The first few days at the tomato farm were difficult, picking and resisting to go back home like the others at midday, coming home covered in black stains.
The people at the house were from about everywhere: Czeck republic, germany, italy, ireland, the US, belgium... and the fact that we were sharing the misery and the dirt, we made friends pretty quickly! After 3 days we had a proper job: packing veggies and fruit in a factory, waking up at 4am! Tough but we made money.

As in Melbourne, the girls and I seperated as I got a job with Horses!

My job: I worked 6 days a week and lived at the house. My job was to feed the 20+ horses in the paddocks (using a quad to do so!!), pick a few stables, do some extra stuff (clean the gutters, water plants, tidy the stables, clean the house...) and almost every day, I helped riding the competition horses.
It was really thrilling to be back on a horse, and challenging to ride in an arena after all those years! It took a few days to adapt and not fall from a couple of mistakes, but I got the hang of it and even got some ridding lessons.

The girl I worked with, Casey, was adorable and made it very easy to handle all that stuff! And, she's an amazing vegetarian cook ;) The owner Micheal was really good to me, i was able to go to the events (of course to work!), see a polo match, go to races, and dine on a Clydesdale carriage accross fremantle with the team! We also had the visit of Canadian Jordon who stayed about a week and helped out on the "manly" stuff.
I loved it! The time i spent there was amazing, and I was so happy to have managed to work with horses as I wanted! Although i did miss a few parties!

The girls: As for me (L) I worked a bit longer at the factory. We got used to this new way of life, and honestly couldn't complain... Played music or hung out with people until sometimes 2am, waking up at 4 am to get ready and take the lift (took about one hour to get there), work all day, come back around 6-7ish pm... quite busy times!
And then, one day, it stopped. Burger, nickname of the guy who supervised us, came one evening at 10pm to tell us we wouldn't be needed the next day. :s Luckily enough, we weren't in a mood to fight or shout. What happened is that they hired Malaysian workers instead. Since they're cheaper to pay, why bother with us hey?! So after that, spent a week hanging out with our friends, before going back to reality.
I managed to find a job as a nanny with two amazing little girls, and a great mum. It was lovely to have my own room, closet, sort of family and to do something! I also worked at a restaurant called Hogs Breath, as a runner. Appreciated everyone, and liked that new way of life, even if it couldn't last since our road trip came along. Audrey was on her way!! :D L. ;)